Be Seen

“From now until further notice, you’re no longer allowed to tell me how YOU feel.” A gentle and wonderful woman (and friend) told me he said to her.

The words were never said to me verbatim…but their substance was. I know how it feels to be seen as “less than” through the eyes of a man you think you love, you live with, you dream of a future with.

I told her what I had learned what feels like long ago but only hours sometimes “now, you must write how you feel.”

Today I realized that when I began writing again, after years of abuse and – that why I write and why so often it’s so personal is – I know what it feels like not be seen. But it’s more than me simply wanting to write how I feel now. I want the possibility for you, dear one to feel seen.

This is not to say I want you, dear reader to see me. What I want, what I strive to do is say “I see you.”

I hope at some point along the way I do that for you. That’s what my favorite writers do for me.

And until then I won’t stop trying.

Be Seen

6 thoughts on “Be Seen

  1. Teressa says:

    We met two days ago, just a few moments during a busy work day, yet you touched me. You need never wonder about being seen, because your light is undeniable… it shines through you. Your words are powerful, as are you. Thank you, dear Ooana, for also seeing me….. Teressa

    1. Apologies for how long it took me to reply, Teressa. Thank you for your words, and thank you for seeing me – and thank you for allowing me to see you.

      Much more has been added since we met. I hope you enjoy and feel touched by them. All the best. Much love….

  2. Joe Siegling says:

    Of all of your writings thaat I have read so far, this one struck me the fastest. It is so powerful in the statement of your objective – to have the reader feel like he/she is seen/heard. The more I learn about your “story” in your words, the more I appreciate you. I love that you said that what you strive to do is what your favorite writers do for you. I get the strong impression that you are a favorite writer to your friends whom you see and hear! Thanks for sharing!

    1. As I said to Teressa, my apologies for the delay. Thank you for your kind and supportive words. I will strive to keep striking, Joe. 🙂 Please keep critiquing and letting me know when I do or don’t. It’s good to. Thank you!

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