No to You Me.ans Me

This must be it, you know, you know
Your final act
Your final word, your final cut
You, whoever you are
You beast
You cruel to be faced
No beast is too good for you
Beast is made of sinew and flesh is animal
You are worse than animal
You have no nature
You are rose then crew
You have no love for even
The wood the stone, your own skin
Nothing of Nature

My will to hold is dying
Again and you know it.

Why is this? Do you want me?
Or is it the want to watch
Me go, to fall, that is so hot?

Who are you? What are you?
How can I even reject you?
Without rejecting me?
All that I hold dear?
Dear…Fuck you!
Fuck me!
No…just no.
How can I even say no?

No to You Me.ans Me

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