You are tired

I’ve been working hard or hardly working on an idea and I’ve been mute too long.

So this is intended to get myself back into the groove (and discomfort) of the possibility of an audience, reader, listener thinker; I’m forcing myself to show you a glimpse of my process.

Getting a story told that really may be worth the telling is harder than I thought in ways I’d never considered…lucky me?

For that story – this is a piece / inspiration that has spurred the idea along since the beginning; the idea of a jacinth song. the idea of what a jacinth could be.

This is one of the early poems by e. e. cummings written during his years at Harvard somewhere between1911-16;  never in a collection perhaps only ever read (certainly only ever published) until his death.

He was so very young when he wrote this and perhaps that’s part of what I love about it.

This poem is framed on my wall and I’ve recorded it as part of that story (I hope) I will one day share with you and will be a wonderful story.

Sharing this poem now?

Well, it now feels like I’m sharing a secret – one that even he didn’t find the nerve to do.

Or perhaps that was the intention all along.



I hope so.


cummings 2

You are tired

5 thoughts on “You are tired

  1. Jacinth — ‘a reddish-orange gem of the zircon family’, clearly from ‘hyacinth’, a bluish-purple flower. Of another family, no doubt. Hmm; maybe I should take another look in the box where all past years are kept….

  2. I liked the sound of your voice. Often, poetry is read in a kind of declamatory style which I believe comes from old-time dramatic practice; this leaves something to be desired in the realm of expressive range. You have gotten out of this bag.

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