Grow the World

When playing with words
So many grow ill with
Fear or even hate
Because nothing new
Comes with them.

But, with words;
The tongue
The hand
The ear
The heart
Has the capacity
To work in unison
(even if in confusion
or confession.)

Then anything new may come,
All in the noon day sun.

Grow the World

2 thoughts on “Grow the World

  1. Motion says:

    I started writing a poem as a comment but I got stuck. If only there a word that rhymed with car…

    bare? stare? fare?

    Well fuck, some guys all the luck while some writers just get stuck.

    Ya missed carnegie hall for three reasons

    A You’re busy levitating (wait, was it meditating??)
    B. You have no listed number, address, name, fame, blame game (I could go further but I’m not a TOTAL sadist)
    C. I don’t carry a phone when I’m out n’ about. It makes finding my car, mcdonalds and my dealer harder but it’s worth it for the pleasure I get out of hearing my grandmother’s numerous messages as she tries, fruitlessly, to contact me. (Who’s fallen and can’t get up NOW bitch?) Oh, and it makes it harder to contact mysterious femme fatales with an awesome backstory.

    Oh, so send me deets. I’m the nigga you met around noon

  2. Ha! I found my way to Carnegie Hall twice. Go figure. But, I was too young and green to really appreciate it. Guess it’s a goal to go for once again.

    And thank you for your kind, if not slightly slurry words 😉

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